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The heights of Sagarmatha National Park: Gokyo side

Altitude does weird things to you. Wonderful things, but weird things. Dreams become vivid, crass, real. When you hit the bed and your eyes shut every thought you have becomes the most honest theater called: you.

After dreams of meeting author Michael Crichton and turning into a pink goo that races around industrial cities being chased by something I didn’t want to get caught by, I quickly learn to adjust my thought and my thinking before sleeping. It works, and my dreams become my own adventures.

As if nesting around in the heights of the world wasn’t enough of an adventure.

From my notebook, December 3rd, 2009:

“Nepal, 4,400 meters and we’re drowning in heaven. The air disappears, this sea of air we thrive in. I discover – we are bottom eaters of this thick soup we call oxygen. Thinning, thinning at 4,400 meters we finally feel we are winning. But painfully, slowly; our senses are unstable. We numb and move as old men, stuck, joints of honey and maple cooled to a swampy sludge. Disoriented of up, down, of this earth that is everywhere around. It dizzies my perception.

Air thinning, our minds numb, and God’s wise smile creeks a bit more, his checks rise and his eye tight.

Our bodies frown from this mountainous might, but our minds are quick at work. The me slows. More aware of our arounds, we’re becoming less human at 4,400 meters.”

Subjects that constantly come up: food, home, Christmas, the greatness of Indian food (which we miss), toilet paper, gin-rummy (and lots of it), and one of my favs: who the f@*$ would climb Mt. Everest (we’ve not even reached half its height at 4,400 meters!)

And I’ve finished my first over-300-page-book in less than 18 hours.  Wow.

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  1. Virginia
    Posted January 23, 2010 at 8:32 am | #

    amazing shot.

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