© 2009 Benjamin Chernivsky Following India; at Udaipur's City Palace, famous for its Mewar history.

600 photos a day…

That’s what I’ve been working with since I’ve continued research.  I love research.  I love more photographing during that time.  I’m not one to give value to an amount of something – but I’ve been sorting through a lot of photographs each day looking for the ones that speak properly for this auto-wallah story, and today that included heading to Udaipur’s City Palace to focus on the tourist situation this year:  aka not many of them, except for from India.

That’s right – there are an incredible amount of Indian tourists that flock to Udaipur to get a filling of a unique part of Indian history:  the maharajas and maharanas, the princely princes and noble culture of their history before Partition, before the British.  It never really hit me until recently, but why wouldn’t India love to travel their own country?

And of course my eye is always distracted by bits of beauty like this woman walking down the stairs of a very skinny, wonderfully lit hallway.  I think the boyfriend caught onto the clicks of my camera and just before I grabbed a photo of her henna-designed wrist and hand grabbing the corner of a wall; he quietly swapped positions with her, effectively blocking her from my camera.  Or me.

Regardless, the research and photographs continue…

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