© 2009 Benjamin Chernivsky Kishna he musician at Ganghor Gat, Udaipur.

Bustin’ the strobe at Ganghor Gat…

Yesterday I finally took out my electronic strobe for the first time in the streets of Udaipur. For the past few nights I had been watching the sun go down on the edge of Lake Pichola. Each evening I see cows wander around this cement dock-like platform that steps down to the water edge, people trickle in and out from the city, but there are always a few musicians playing their stringed instruments and working on selling CD’s.

Each night this guy named Kishna has been trying to sell his CD to me – sometimes for 250 rupees, then 350rs, then 400rs. The price always changes, and I always give him crap for it. We laugh it off each time.

As I was setting up my lights Kishna wondered what they were for. “Aight, come here bud, I’ll show ya.” He insisted that if I photographed him I ought to buy his CD for double the price. Each click of the camera resulted in another 100 rupees or so added to the price of his CD.

Anyway, meet Kishna. I photographed a few autowallah drivers tonight as well, but I gotta thanks Kishna for helping me setup the lighting.

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